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Innovative Services... Helping All Over the World

We are an IT solution Experts with Years of Remote Work Experience and Unique Skills in Custom Solutions, Big Data Processing, OTT and Linear TV, Healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech and EdTech.

Leverage our expertise to harness first-class technologies for your benefit. With our remote expert team, you can increase your operational efficiency, ensure faster time to market, and reduce costs.


Our Vision and Mission

We are an IT company positioned to continually solve Africa’s most pressing challenges via Information Tech. Our vision is to become No 1 tech solution provider across Africa

Our purpose beyond money is clear. This sits at the heart of everything we do, We see our environment as our responsibility and we are committed improving and making it secure and safe.

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We Also Have Some Features Provided by Afrits

We are everything that’s required to serve enterprises through advanced digital solutions & research and as such we offer certain special services.

  • Freelancing Training Course
  • Technological Consultation
  • Monthly Paid Workspace
  • IT Learning Institute
  • Digital Marketing
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